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  • Holts Premium Oil Treatment 500ml

Holts Premium Oil Treatment 500ml

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Holts Oil Treatment  


Benefits: Combats build-up of sludge, Extends life of Oil, Protects Engine, Reduces noise, exhaust &Oil leaks.

When tested against two other leading brands of oil treatment and subjected to extremely severe conditions, Holts New Formula Oil Treatment retained a higher level of effectiveness and protection than the other two. The graph shows how, after extremely severe endurance tests, Holts New Formula Oil Treatment retains a higher level of viscosity: the loss factor being 11% better than Brand A and 25% better than Brand B - this viscosity is a measure of the efficiency and protection of Oils. Holts New Formula Oil Treatment is a unique blend which enables Oil to maintain its body under conditions of high temperature and stress ensuring longer Oil life by combating sludge and acids which build-up during normal running. This new premium, technically formulated treatment CUTS; OIL CONSUMPTION, ENGINE WEAR, ENGINE NOISE, OIL LEAKS, PETROL WASTAGE, EXHAUST SMOKE AND GIVES SUPERB ENGINE PROTECTION.

Holts New Formula Oil Treatment will improve all normal engine oils and will protect your engine in all operating conditions.

Instructions for use: Holts New Formula Oil Treatment can be added to your engine either during or between oil changes, and is effective for up to 5000 miles. Ensure engine is warm before adding contents by squeezing bottle. One bottle will treat 9 litres of oil. Suitable for Petrol and Diesel Engines. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, consult a doctor.

Sizes: 500ml.

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