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  • Holts Universal Brake & Clutch Fluid (DOT 4)

Holts Universal Brake & Clutch Fluid (DOT 4)

  • Product Code: HBA057

Holts Universal Brake & Clutch Fluid (DOT 4)

Benefits: Guaranteed to mix with all brake and fluids manufactured to SAE J1704 & DOT Specifications.

Instructions: Regularly check fluid levels, always clean around filler caps and the top of the can before use, follow vehicle manufacturers instructions for topping up.

Re-assembling or Bleeding : Keep fluid clean and dry, any contamination with water, dirt or petroleum products may cause failure. Dip parts in the fluid when reassembling. Replace cap tightly immediately after use. Avoid spilling on car paintwork, wash off accidental spillage immediately with water.

Caution: Harmful if swallowed. Contains polyalkylene glycol ethers. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid skin and eye contact, flush immediately with water and seek medical attention. Show doctor this container, never re-use old fluid.

This DOT 4 Brake and Clutch Fluid conforms to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 116.

SIZES: 500ml.

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