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  • Home Clean H.S.C 1Ltr

Home Clean H.S.C 1Ltr

  • Product Code: LB. Home Clean H.S.C 1Ltr

Tough On Dirt, Cleans Without Scratching    

Home Clean is specially formulated to be strong on dirt and stains, but gentle with modern surfaces like floors, kitchen surfaces, worktops, tiles, baths, vinyl and paintwork.

Use Home Clean in two ways: EITHER use it straight from the bottle onto a damp sponge or cloth for cleaning spots, stains, grease or dirty marks, then rinse.

OR use 2 capfuls to a bucket of water for larger areas like the floor or walls. No need to rinse or wipe dry! The all surface liquid cleaner for a brighter home!

Sizes: 1Litre

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